IMPORTANT! Stand up in support of clean water!

No dumping sign above storm drain

San Diego Coast Keeper is encouraging concerned citizens and Mission Bay users to show up on April 10th to tell the Regional Water Quality Control Board to curb stormwater runoff.  The Regional Board will host its adoption hearing on the MS4 stormwater permit with intentions of allowing the public to use its voice and draw a line on how important clean water is to each and every one of us.

The MS4 storm water permit sets the provisions for what the City of San Diego has to do to divert stormwater runoff directly into the ocean and bay without being treated.  San Diego Coast Keeper has been hard at work for over a year to include provisions into the permit that help reduce or prevent the amount of pollution that rainwater runoff carries into our bays/oceans and thus prevent us from enjoying aquatic activities. 

The last two times the permit has been adopted San Diego Coast Keeper and the community were successful in implementing more stringent requirements into the development plan for stormwater runoff.   Jill Witkowski, Coast Keeper's Voice of the Water in charge of policy, strongly believes that if enough people passionate about clean water show up to the meeting, important modifications drafted by Coast Keeper will be implemented in the permit.

Says Witkowski, "Our chances are really great, especially if enough concerned citizens who love to use the water show up and share their stories and experiences about how important clean water is to them."

Of particular concern to Coast Keeper is a provision in this permit that frees the City from liability for pollution that occurs if there is currently a plan to attempt to prevent it.

The meeting will be held April 10th at 4pm at the Regional Water Board Room located at:

9174 Sky Park Court, Ste. 100
San Diego, CA 92123-4340

For more information contact San Diego Coast Keeper at (619) 758-7743 or to donate visit