MBAC participates in Adopt-A-Beach program

Cleaning up the beach

Anyone who loves watersports understands the impact of litter and pollutants on our beaches and bays.  At MBAC we have always been committed to educating our students and campers on what they can do to help reduce that impact.  We are now expanding our efforts by adopting the beach at Santa Clara Point, where we will conduct at least 3 clean-up events per year and we want you to join us!

San Diego Adopt-A-Beach is a program administered by I Love a Clean San Diego and the California Coastal Commission that encourages people of all ages to learn about and actively participate in conserving coastal resources.  According to the Adopt-A-Beach website the program is not just about trash.  It is about Californians acting together to create lasting solutions to marine pollution.  To participate in the program an organization must conduct 3 clean-ups of a beach within 1 year, and participate in a tracking program where data collected from the clean-up is used to regionally track the impact of certain types of debris.  If your organization is interested in participating in the program, please see the San Diego Adopt-A-Beach website at

The first clean-up will be conducting at Santa Clara Point on May 18 in conjunction with Safe Boating Day.  There will be food and possibly a few prizes involved so we hope you can join us and help keep our beach clean.  Keep an eye out in the May newsletter for more information.