Save 20% on the October featured class: Keelboat Sailing Level 1

Basic Keelboat Sailing Class

Have you ever dreamed of jumping on a boat and sailing away to the Caribbean? To have the wind in your face and the smell of the ocean fill your nostrils, cruising along while the sun smiles on your back? If so, then this month’s featured class, Keelboat Sailing Level 1, is the first step toward making that dream a reality.
Keelboat Sailing Level 1 is the first class in a series of classes designed to earn you the US SAILING Basic Keelboat Certification, followed by the Basic Cruising Certification, which is what you will need before chartering a boat and sailing off into the sunset.

The class is designed for first-timers to climb aboard a 24ft sailboat and develop a foundation of fundamental skills to build upon as you start your journey to becoming a sailor on the high seas. In it you will learn terminology, wind theory, rigging and boat handling. By limiting the number of students on each vessel to four students, each sailor will get ample tiller time (time at the helm steering the boat) and will learn to work as a team and operate all functions of the vessel as you sail across the water. On the final day of class you will leave the confines of the bay for the great Pacific Ocean and if you’re lucky, cruise alongside a pod of dolphins, or even spot a breaching whale. You will be speaking and sailing like a true sailor by the end of this course.

Atop the mast in Italy
Former MBAC student and Instructor, Matt Nelson, atop the mast in Italy last summer 
For many, this class is the start of their journey as they progress through the rest of our Keelboat Sailing program. Over time we have seen students proceed from this humble beginning to earn their certifications, and go on to do some amazing things like sail to exotic locations throughout the world, and even be hired as a skipper on a luxury yacht in Italy during Yacht Week.

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No matter what your goals, Keelboat Sailing Level 1 opens the door to a new lifelong skill, and worlds of opportunity.

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