Save 20% on this month's featured class- Surfing

San Diego is one of the best places to learn to surf. The city offers some of the most beautiful weather, beaches, and waves in the world. We see so many people that live in San Diego and have put off learning to surf for years. This month put all of the excuses aside and take advantage of the 20% savings with coupon code: SURFMBAC on this month's featured class: Surfing.

There are 3 class lengths for surfing classes that will fit your schedule and commitment to learning.

Full Course (4-sessions)

Our premiere class is the 4-session Full Course. This class is designed to be the most comprehensive beginning surfing class in San Diego. Through practice you will progress your skills and knowledge each of the four days. In the course you will learn how to paddle, stand up and ride the waves, and will learn all the knowledge that takes many surfers years to acquire on their own. Each session will start with a short classroom lecture covering topics that will not only help you during the class, but will make you a safer and smarter surfer once you are out there on your own. We will cover topics such as waves, swell, tides, conditions, currents, creatures, etiquette, equipment and safety in a fun and encouraging environment.

Half Course (2-sessions)

If you only have a couple of days to dedicate to taking a class then the Half Course is the class for you. In this course you will learn all the basics of surfing with a classroom lecture focusing on waves, currents, creatures and etiquette. While this 2 session course is shorter than the 4 session Full Course you will still get plenty of ocean time with one of our experienced instructors that will leave you stoked for weeks.

Introduction to Surfing (1-session)

If you just want to get your feet wet and don't have time for one of the longer classes the Introduction to Surfing class is for you. This class is perfect for those looking to try out the sport and see what it is all about. Each student will learn about the currents and creatures before heading down to the beach. You will learn how to pop-up and ride a wave alongside our highly trained staff. This class will leave you stoked about surfing with the first-hand knowledge that it definitely takes more than a day to learn to surf, but will be a great experience and introduction to the sport.

Our qualified and friendly instructors are dedicated surfers who carry CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard training, and are often cited as the part of the class that people like best.

Wetsuits and boards are included during your course which will save you money you would spend if learning on your own. While the weather has been great, you can't beat a nice hot shower after a surf session which are conveniently located in our locker room facility.

With the 20% savings there’s never been a better time to try something new or turn a life-long dream into a reality. Take a look at our Surfing Class Schedule and sign up today!

Save 20% on surf classes in November with coupon code:SURFMBAC

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