The CIT Program teaches work skills to teens

What does CIT stand for you ask? Camp Is Terrific? Cowboys in Texas? Although those are true, in this case it actually stands for Counselor-In-Training! The Counselor-In-Training program is a fun and exciting opportunity for campers ages 14-17 to learn real job skills, and what it takes to be part of a motivated workforce.

There aren't a whole lot of places for teens to gain valuable work experience prior to reaching working age, especially with teen employment being so impacted by the economy.  CIT’s at The Watersports Camp will have the opportunity to learn skills like responsibility, teamwork, and the satisfaction of a days work while assisting counselors in camp operations.  Specific duties include observing on wakeboard boats, giving sailing rides, assisting younger campers, and helping counselors to manage their groups. The hard work of CIT’s is a crucial part of the operations of camp, and the experience is great to add on any job application.  Additionally, many CIT's use their time at The Watersports Camp to satisfy their school volunteer requirements.

That sounds awesome! How do I become a CIT?
There are a few necessary qualifications to become a CIT. First and foremost, CIT candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have attended The Watersports Camp in the past.
  2. You must be 14 or older by your weeks of service.
  3. You must attend a CIT Orientation either in person or online (dates below)
  4. You must attend a 1-day training in spring.
  5. You must know or learn how to sail.  Sailing training is included in the CIT training fee, however, if you need to learn to sail you must be able to work the sailing trainings into your schedule.  Dates can be selected during registration.
If you meet these criteria, or you know someone that does and are interested in becoming a part of the CIT program, there are 2 opportunities to attend an orientation.  The oreintations wil be held:
Registration for this fun and exciting program opens on March 23 and spots fill up quick! (The priority registration for returning CIT's opens March 22).

We are looking forward to another great summer at the Watersports Camp and we want you to be a part of it!

To Register for the online Orientation Webinar go to:

To Register or for more information about requirements and dates for the CIT program head to